Odyssey 2003-04



The 2003-04 Odyssey exhibit brings together more than 10 sculptors who have created new works of art to grace the 268 acres of the PNC campus.

Artist Barry Tinsley, of New Carlisle, who has had several sculptures featured in past Odyssey exhibits, hosted a week-long working sculpture symposium during August, bringing together the artists and allowing them to pool resources and to create original works of art.

Sculptor Bob Emser, former executive director of PierWalk, said “the space for sculpture here is remarkable, with many open and garden sites for pieces. To my knowledge, there is no other university of this size in this country that has this many sculptures on its grounds.”

The Odyssey Cultural Series will feature a variety of other events throughout the year, including exhibits of photographs by LaPorte County native Rebecca Janes, as well as a series of films shown during the coming months.

The exhibit is open to the public for self- or guided tours. Information is available in Schwarz Hall at Campus Relations. Tours can be arranged by calling 785-5593. 

All sculptures are for sale. For more information, contact Judy Jacobi at (219) 785-5593 or jjacobi@pnc.edu.


    "This show is filled with challenging pieces. Expect many visual knockouts!"

- S. Thomas Scarff,
sculptor and exhibit curator



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