Odyssey 2002  

Purdue University North Central presents a major public sculpture exhibition for the enjoyment of the campus and wider communities it serves.

Odyssey 2002 offers a range of sculptures, as diverse in their conceptual underpinnings as they are in their materials.

Each piece finds its richness whether in its public or personal history, in science, mythology, or in art theory. Each concept gives rise to the artist's odyssey of creativity.

We invite you to experience your own odyssey of reflection and thought as you observe these works of art.

The exhibit is open to the public for self- or guided tours. Information is available in Schwarz Hall at Campus Relations. Tours can be arranged by calling 785-5268. 

All sculptures are for sale. For more information, contact Deb Nielsen at 785-5332.

The exhibit will close in mid-October of 2002.


"This exhibit brings together artists of incredible ability. This is their journey, their odyssey"

- S. Thomas Scarff
sculptor and exhibit curator



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