Julius Caesar
by William Shakespeare

directed by Paul Hecht, Assistant Professor of English
music and sound design by Rob Clearfield
fight design by R&D Choreography
costumes by Denise Curtis
April 17-18, 23-24, 2010



Julius Caesar

In the last days of the republic . . .
Julius Caesar, the greatest military commander world-conquering Rome had every seen, beloved and almost worshipped by the people, is on the verge of accepting from his people and his Senate the role of  emperor and god.  As every day seems to bring this reality closer, a group of powerful Romans begins to whisper, to plot Caesar’s overthrow.  Are they protecting the republic from tyranny, or do they only hope to take his place?

Shakespeare’s play brings this momentous period of Roman history to brilliant life, with intense, personal portrayals of the key players in the political conspiracy.  Brutus is the idealistic leader of the rebellion, convinced he is doing what’s best for the country and the Roman people; Cassius is practical and ruthless in organizing the conspiracy; Antony, the speaker of the famous “Friends, Romans, countrymen” speech, is a master manipulator of public opinion, and a close ally of Caesar.  All think they are doing what’s best for Rome, but before the play is over the fabric of civil society will be stretched to the breaking point, and violence and chaos—“the dogs of war”—will be let terrifyingly loose.

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